The Make-up Brilliance of Doe Deere

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If you need to make a statement, you might consider doing so with your face? Perhaps like the Boy George or Cindy Lauper wanna-bees of yesteryear, there is a make-up style that is not for the fashion timid and perfectly meets the needs of the fashion, umm, forward? At the very least, clowns, Cirque-de-Soleil performers, and maybe the adventurous youth of today might consider the bold and bright, colorful and thick-looking make-up styles that appear to be out there at the moment.

One provider of such bold make-up is the company Lime Crime. “In your face,” is an understatement. There are vibrant colors to the cosmetics as well as to the scheme of the packaging (some of which includes unicorn silhouettes,of course), and the tantalizing names of the selections of what has been described as “high impact color” add to the array of excitement. For teens and twenties, this make-up line looks like fun and practically screams for attention and purchasing.

Lime Crime was started by former musician, Doe Deere, the company’s founder and CEO, and she has recently released a YouTube video in which she constructs eyeshadow. With the new craze for people to try making things at home themselves, make-up is not out of the question, and the authenticity of Deere’s work can be seen in her video. Her product line is expanding, too, and she is happy to claim the unusual bright tones and going for a more well-rounded collection where sheen is in focus. Deere’s Lime Crime website asks the question, “What if (make-up) helped you express your personality?” While touting her product line as cruelty-free cosmetics, Doe Deere’s site also wants people to “live unapologetically.” That is certainly a statement that all can get behind.

Who doesn’t want make-up that can hide skin flaws, add vibrance, and showcase natural beauty? Whether worn thick or thin, bright or subdued, often or occasionally, cosmetics can make-up the personality of the wearer. While you can’t and never should hide what makes you uniquely you, the fun of trying on new shades and embracing bold ideas in facial expression can be enjoyable.

Make-up is a way to re-invent the way the world sees your face. It can turn the everyday into the something unexpected, and it can offer a new perspective for the wearer. Who am I today? What do I want to tell the world about me? Am I feeling bold and electric? Happy and energetic? Strong and vibrant? Let’s take a look at my make-up selections and see what products can help me to embrace my face with the passion that I feel for the day, for my life, and for my body. Purple? Yep, you got it! Green eye shadow, why not? Orange cheekbones with a hint of cranberry undercurrent? Absolutely! There are no rules in the make-up game, and there is no need to hide your eclectic side. Each day presents a new, fresh canvas to embrace, unless of course, you work outside the home.

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