Sony Wishes Uncharted Was Better Charted

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Producing a movie based on a video games is almost always rife with troubles. What works in the context of a game is not necessarily easy to translate into a film. Just look at the recent troubles Sony Pictures has experienced trying to produce a live-action version of Uncharted. Not only was the director removed from the film, the entire script has been thrown out.

Uncharted is the highly popular game dealing with treasure hunting and the adventures of the prime hunter Nathan Drake. You would think a treasure hunting movie should be pretty straight forward. There’s a treasure. A famous treasure hunter has to find it. The hunter has to overcome spills, chills, and a main villain. In the end, all obstacles are overcome and the treasure is found. Through all this, the treasure hunter learns something new about him/herself and also discovers there is more to life than treasure hunting.

Are things really that simple? No, they aren’t. You need a great script and the right talent in front of and behind the camera according to McGalla. All parties involved have to see eye-to-eye with the studio. And yes, the film does have to be produced at a comfortable budget. With Uncharted, Sony ran into nothing but problems. For two years or more, the project has been in and out of development. The film should have gone into production by now. That has not happened.

So, what does the future hold for this stalled – yet interesting – project?

Well, the screenplay has to be rewritten from scratch. A new director has to be hired. In short, the whole process has to start all over. Hopefully, the final film that is made will be worth it to audiences and the beleaguered Sony.

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