Police Dog Dies in Patrol Car

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Zane was a 5 year old police bloodhound who was recently found dead. The police dog died in the patrol car after having been sitting inside the vehicle for over 10 hours. The death of the police dog was considered unintentional when his handler discovered him the following morning.

Officer Jerahmy Williams from Georgia had driven homejoy with Zane and was not feeling especially well that evening. After arriving home from work at six in the morning, he went inside and quickly fell asleep. He assumed that he had brought Zane inside with him as he always had done before. The Police chief has expressed his believe that he thinks this is just n unfortunate accident. Those who know Williams know that he had developed a very strong bond with Zane, and this was simply a matter of a sick police officer making a mistake after a long day and night of work.

Williams has been on the police force for nearly five years and close friends knew he truly loved that bloodhound. Zane was a tracking dog with the police force in Conyers for four years, three of those years working closely with Williams. The loss of the K-9 was pending an investigation, and Williams was placed on leave with pay. While reckless conduct and also cruelty to animals charges are possible, it is likely to be ruled an accident.

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