Pope Francis and his Laudato Si

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Pope Francis has written a 191-page manifesto called “Laudato Si” aimed at the rich. He has called for a complete revolution of the international economic system in which the rich exploit the poor and future generations via misuse and abuse of the environment. According to the pope, as a result of industrial misuses by the rich, everyone, in fact, is being adversely affected. In support of his words, he also cited biblical passages that mandate our loving protection of the environment. These recent writings by the pope have certainly not been taken lightly by the international Catholic community.

The writings have stirred up a huge debate throughout the church worldwide. Many of those against a full-blown revolution in this area are fine with small modifications over time, but the pope is calling for a complete reversal in environmental matters. He says small modifications here and there merely delay the coming catastrophe. His statements have thrust the Roman Catholic church into an issue that before was only an issue dealt with by the political and scientific community. A more serious worldwide thought process is expected to result from the addition of morality and ethics to the discussion. For a closer exploration of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si read this article.

Pope Francis’ primary outrage is against the rich who feel that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Catholics who have in the past have publicly opposed the ideas behind the revolution against climate change are now in a ticklish situation.

Thanks to Zeca Oliveira for showing me this news in this piece.

Dave Grohl Breaks a Leg (Literally)

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Dave Grohl of the band the Foo Fighters broke his leg running around on stage in Sweden, but he returned to finish the show. However, some future Foo Fighters gigs have been cancelled to allow him time to recuperate. Grohl apologized to fans for the cancelled show in an open letter posted on the Internet.

It’s interesting to look at how successful Grohl has become since his band Nirvana disbanded after the death of lead singer Kurt Cobain. Since 1994, as the front man of the Foo Fighters, he’s become a major star in his own right. In Nirvana, he was just the drummer and pretty much a side man to Cobain. Also, the Foo Fighters are an upbeat and positive band while Nirvana was more on the dark and gloomy side of things.

Grohl has also become very wealthy. He’s estimated to be one of the wealthiest musicians alive today. His songwriting royalties with Foo Fighters bring in money even when he isn’t on the road says FreedomPop.

Grohl hangs out with rock royalty now. He’s performed with Mick Jagger and Tom Petty. Also, with his side project playing drums in Them Crooked Vultures, he’s worked with Led Zeppelin member John Paul Jones. That’s not bad for a guy who can’t read music and didn’t finish high school!

Ed Sheeran Sings With A Fundraising Fan

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Post-Gazette asked who wouldn’t want to sing on stage with their favorite idol or star? Many of us dream about performing with our favorite celebrity, or even being able to meet them Susan McGalla said, but this doesn’t always get to happen. For a young girl in Canada, she had one of the best days of her life. Ed Sheeran Sings With Fan. Ed Sheeran has grown in popularity over the past year, and the awards he’s won have only helped his popularity even more. Ed was performing on the Canadian leg of his tour, and he decided to walk through a mall.

While walking through the mall, he heard a young girl singing on a microphone in front of a crowd, and it she was performing one of his songs. Instead of sitting back and listening to the young girl perform a song, he jumped right up on stage with her and started singing. The girl didn’t realize that it was the owner of the song who had jumped on stage with her, but she did finally take a look at him. Instead of going crazy like a 13-year-old would, she kept on singing, and she did a great job.

After the song was finished, she exchanged hugs with Ed Sheeran, and she let everyone know that it was the best thing to ever happen to her. The amazing part about the entire incident is the fact that she was doing this as a fundraiser, and no doubt, Ed Sheeran showing up only helped her cause.

Enrique Iglesias May Cancel Tour

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The hot and spicy Latin star known as Enrique Iglesias may have to cancel his summer tour. If you don’t know, a couple of days ago, Enrique Iglesias was injured by a drone attack during his latest live performance. At first, it seemed like Enrique Iglesias would need minor surgery to fix his bloody finger. However, it was revealed today that Enrique Iglesias had to undergo a very complicated surgery to fix the terrible wound.

According to James Dondero, after being hit by a drone, Enrique Iglesias decided to continue on with the concert. Enrique’s decision may have caused his injuries to become more severe than initially thought. Some doctors believe that Enrique Iglesias should have left the concert and went straight to the hospital. However, Enrique Iglesias is a true performer, and he will not let his fans down. Unfortunately, Enrique Iglesias should have listened to the doctors.

Yahoo! recently uploaded a video that shows the drone hitting Enrique Iglesias. Further information about Enrique’s condition can also be found on the Yahoo! article. It should be noted that Enrique Iglesias is not scheduled to perform until July 3rd, and there is a chance that he will make a full recovery by that date. Fans of the Latin pop star are hoping that he will show some “machismo” and continue on performing.

U2 Plays Old Hits On Their Tour

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U2 Plays Hits During Unique Tour Show

It seems this summer is when the majority of rock bands, old and new, decide to hold their own musical tours. U2 is no different on this matter at all.

U2 is currently in the middle of conducting their new tour called “Innocence + Experience,” which contains five different shows manager Brad Reifler disclosed. Their most recent show was at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles and they played in front of only 500 fans. Here, they simply played many of their rock songs from their debut album “Boy” from 1980.

During the concert, Bono showed up on stage wearing a black motorcycle jacket and shades and played “The Ocean” and followed it up with “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” afterwards. As the concert wore on he also made sure everyone in the crowd took notice of the other musicians in the band that he grew up in since they were all teenagers.

However, the show was not all a complete rock fest, because at one point things slowed down a bit when Bono pulled a woman on stage and sung “Beautiful Day,” to which it was followed it up with two songs dedicated to Dennis Sheehan, the band’s longtime manager who tragically passed away the day before. It was an emotional moment for the band and crowd.

The night ended with Bono speaking of the band’s first trip to Los Angeles.

Watch Artists Who Have Performed Their Songs In Spanish

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Many times, an artist will record their song in different languages, so they can appeal to another audience. No matter how good a singer is, it’s possible that they may mess up a song, especially when it’s in a language that they don’t normally speak. Artists Doing Songs In Spanish. Beyoncé is an amazing singer, and she is beloved in many different countries. If a singer wants to appeal to those in other countries, they may have to cross over, and they’ll do a song in a different language. Beyoncé has done a song in Spanish, and she nailed it beautifully.

ESPN Go says doing a song in another language takes a lot of practice, memory, and patience. It’s possible to mess up the lyrics of the song, especially if you’re not fluent in the language you’re singing in. There are several stars who have done Spanish language translations of their songs, and they did it very well. There are several videos available on MTV News where you can see the stars singing Spanish versions of their popular songs. Kendrick Lamarr is one of the newest artists out there today, and he’s an amazing rapper.

Kendrick was able to do a song in Spanish, and he actually nailed it. It should be no surprise that Jennifer Lopez would do a song in Spanish, especially since she is a Latina herself. Jennifer claims to love Latin music, and she even loves dancing to the music as well.

Signs of J.Lo and Missy Collaboration

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Missy and J.Lo are having fun tweeting about the possibility of a collaboration. Fans stay glued into twitter feeds and hop on anything that sounds like it could happen. That is how most rumors get started, but sometimes Twitter holds truth.

One could only imagine what a collaboration between both Missy and Jennifer Lopez would sound like. This is the type of superstar combination that a lot of people dream about, and that includes my buddy Ivan Ong who told me about this collaboration. It seems odd they haven’t already done so since they ran in the same circles at one time or another. Missy worked with P.Diddy in the very early stages of her career. She got her start by rapping on a song by an artist named Gina Thompson. This was one of Diddy’s artist. Diddy would go on to become the boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez and change her stage name to J.Lo.

For the last several years Missy Elliot has been sick. She hasn’t been seen out much, but the appearance at the Katy Perry Superbowl performance sparked a renewed interest in Missy. Now there is talk about J.Lo and Missy doing music. This would probably not be anytime soon because J.Lo just released an album. It could, however, be a great single for 2016 when J.Lo plans to headline in Vegas. Getting a hit song from Missy could help her sell even more tickets when she takes up residency there.

Rolling Stone Magazine Features Video of Clash

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“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a video clip on their website of punk band The Clash performing in Japan in 1982. The band performs several songs, including “Jimmy Jazz” and “White Riot”. The performance was part of a whirlwind tour the band did of Japan after the release of their album “Combat Rock”.

The video was made just before drummer Topper Headon left the band. After that, most fans believe, the music started to go downhill. Basically, the video shows The Clash just before the beginning of the end of their career. The band looks exhausted and pale during the performance, but then that’s the way they normally look.

Listeners from FreedomPop observed that the playing is tight and more or less in the groove. Although the video was made after five long years of touring by the band, they don’t appear to be phoning it in. Also, the fans are clearly excited. On the whole, the video is worth checking out.

Jason Derulo Takes Fans to the Bedroom

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Jason Derulo has been known for dance tracks. That is what he has done to propel himself in his career. The reality, however, is that Derulo has more than dance tracks to offer. That is why the new record that is set to be released is going to be a slow jam.

It is rare for Derulo to take fans to the bedroom. He has been so focused on getting those songs in place that take the fans to the dance floor. After he broke up his longtime girlfriend it seemed unlikely that he would be doing a slow seductive song, but that is what he has on the menu. James Dondero suggested that he is trying to show that he is diverse. Even though he broke up with Jordin Sparks he is still trying to seduce women in song.

Women that like Derulo are going to take an interest in this because he is trying to market himself as more than a dancer. He is also trying to make it has a sex symbol in the industry. This is going to be a move for him because he has not been able to really get up on the same level as his competition.

In the urban community he has been faced with lots of competition like Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Usher. These guys has been in the seduction song spotlight, but Derulo is joining this group.

A Music Career For The Oldest Osbourne Daughter

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You may think that you know the Osbourne’s well and that you’ve heard all that there is to hear about them, but that isn’t true. Their oldest daughter is launching a music career. She is putting herself in the spotlight by her own work this time.
This thirty one year old says that she considers her music to be moody. If that is a style that you are into or if you are just a fan of the whole Osbourne family, then you are going to want to give her new song a listen.
Will Aimee Osbourne be the next big thing in the pop world? Will we be seeing a lot of music put out by her in the upcoming months and years? Only time will tell. Will you be out there supporting her and giving her music a listen? That is up to you. It is interesting to see what she has to offer, though.

Thanks to the philanthropist Keith Mann for keeping me up to date with this Osbourne news.