Joseph Bismark is a gemstone of a man

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His name is Joseph Luis Eleuterio Tomacruz Bismark, but he just favors Joseph. He is the essential gemstone of calmness. His agreement on positive thinking has captivated his life. In an open optimistic manifesto, he mapped-out a successful career as an author and businessman. He grounded his livelihood on this fundamental concept that a strong mind is critical to a happy existence. In addition he believes invigorating the body with athleticism also strengthens the mind. I find myself in alignment with his teaching and scholar.

The author of The Gem Collection: A Compilation of Wisdom, Joseph enlightens the reader to the power of positive thinking. He says as people search for personal power they should realize that that power is already inside themselves, and no need to be found. Since individual power is within, so it is dutiful true happiness is cuddled next to it. Joseph Bismark says all that needs to be done is unearth that pebble of contentment inside and serenity begins to radiate one’s life back to equilibrium. It is almost like rock balancing. Balancing rocks is a knack that can be performed which seems difficult at first glance, but is actually quite simple in design. He says he lives by a few simple rules: one on top of the other perfectly poised in unison. To understand Joseph Bismark is to read his book and writings and I discovery reading his writings is comforting to me. 

I have chosen a few of Joseph Bismark’s credos to follow, as if to place one more rock on my sculpture of understanding in Joseph’s collection. I abide by these rules. I admire: “Truth Is Important, No Matter How Uncomfortable.” Joseph Bismark articulates that truth is mandatory and I agree. He goes further and resonates a belief that truth should govern in the workplace and employee relations. I would say truth is a universal prerequisite for any circumstance. Another view of Joseph’s is: Be Empathetic. As a compassionate person I hope I am considered by all as kindhearted. Joseph Bismark’s thinks just considering someone else’s point-of-view is worthy and I approve. As a jewel of wisdom Joseph Bismark is a nugget of greatness.

Comprehension of Psychiatry

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Silence prevails when a random person is asked to explain what he or she understands by the term, psychiatry. A psychiatrist is regarded as a physician who has specialized in diagnosing, treating and preventing mental health and emotional problems. There exist diverse professions in the medical field. Psychiatry is one of the medical fields and psychiatrists are the professions who pursue this psychiatry to completion.

Functions of Psychiatrists
The first function that psychiatrists have to undertake is to ensure that they analyze patient’s mental health statuses besides providing the required treatment. In undertaking their duties, psychiatrists have to adhere to their codes of ethics. They have to interview patients besides reviewing professional reports as given to them by other medical doctors, psychologists and social workers. Psychiatrists must know how to explain diagnosis to their patients in addition to recommending effective treatment plans.

Dr. Daniel Amen Achievement in the Field of Psychiatry
Dr. Daniel Amen is a renowned physician who has won numerous awards for his contribution in psychiatry. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Amen is a lead researcher on brain imaging and rehabilitation studies undertaken on professional football players. Amen believes that when the brain is healthy, all the other parts of the body are healthy. Trouble in the brain causes trouble in the life of the humans. Dr. Amen is the Founder and Medical Director of Amen clinics located in Newport Beach and San Francisco, Bellevue, California, Atlanta, New York City, Reston, Washington and Virginia. Currently, Amen clinics are considered to have the global leading database of functional brain scans that relate to behavior. Dr. Amen has written many scientific articles that have been published on different journals besides authoring 60 professional articles. He has spoken on many conferences besides appearing on movies. Dr. Amen is married. He has four children and three grand children.

Requirements for a Student to Pursue Psychiatry
In most institutions of higher learning, medical students pursue chemistry, physiology, and biochemistry. Medical students are free to take courses in psychiatry, neuroscience and behavioral science in their first two years in the medical school. In their last years, students may pursue psychiatry and end up as professional psychiatrists owing to years of accumulated experience in the field. It is imperative to note that modern psychiatry places much emphasis on the relations between body and mind. Psychiatry focuses on stress, physical illnesses, behavior changes, besides taking care of the severely mentally unwell patients. In the field of psychiatry, diversity and flexibility forms the hallmark of psychiatrist’s career.
Psychiatry is a medical field that focuses on the mental health of patients. Psychiatrists are the practitioners who have expansive experience in the field of psychiatry. Dr. Amen is leading figure in psychiatry owing to his numerous awards and recognition that he has achieved over the years.

Police Dog Dies in Patrol Car

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Zane was a 5 year old police bloodhound who was recently found dead. The police dog died in the patrol car after having been sitting inside the vehicle for over 10 hours. The death of the police dog was considered unintentional when his handler discovered him the following morning.

Officer Jerahmy Williams from Georgia had driven homejoy with Zane and was not feeling especially well that evening. After arriving home from work at six in the morning, he went inside and quickly fell asleep. He assumed that he had brought Zane inside with him as he always had done before. The Police chief has expressed his believe that he thinks this is just n unfortunate accident. Those who know Williams know that he had developed a very strong bond with Zane, and this was simply a matter of a sick police officer making a mistake after a long day and night of work.

Williams has been on the police force for nearly five years and close friends knew he truly loved that bloodhound. Zane was a tracking dog with the police force in Conyers for four years, three of those years working closely with Williams. The loss of the K-9 was pending an investigation, and Williams was placed on leave with pay. While reckless conduct and also cruelty to animals charges are possible, it is likely to be ruled an accident.

Some of the Best Songs of 2015

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2015 has truly been a year of fantastic artist producing amazing songs and the year isn’t even over yet. Artist from all over the world have come out with outstanding masterpieces. Brad Reifler said that all genres of music are awesome, but there are a select amount of songs that really stand out.

First, there is the song “Radicalized” by Desparecidos is an extremely strong and mesmerizing record. This is a high energy as well as subtle song. This song proves to be a great song in 2015. Next, the song “Streets of Arklow” by Van Morrison and Mick Hucknall. Van Morrison is an Irish rock poet, and an amazing vocalist I could not think of anyone better to do a duet with than Mick Hucknall. Both artists coming together to make a song is a work of art in itself. Also, there is the song “Raising the Skate” by Speedy Ortiz. This song has a very 90’s sound to it that brings back the 90’s in as modern sound. Your text to link… It is a fantastic break up song, and sung by an amazing artist as well. Next, there is “Can’t Stop Thinking about You” by Tobias Jesso Jr. This soft rock song tells an heart warming story without any fancy vocals or instruments. Simply a boy playing his piano telling a heart stopping story about him and a girl who doesn’t fall for a word he speaks. This song by Tobias Jesso Jr. is truly a masterpiece.

Those songs and artist are only a few great achievements of 2015, and this year is only half way over. Who knows there may be more to come later on this year. All I know is the fantastic artists in this world are surely to deliver more new amazing sounding songs everyone will love!

Tim McGraw Gives Homes to Veterans

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Country singer and actor Tim McGraw is giving back to his country in a big way. Working with both Operation Homefront and Chase Bank, McGraw has helped house US veterans. So far this year, McGraw has given away six homes to veterans that are mortgage-free. This is just the beginning of the project. During his “Shotgun Rider 2015″ tour, McGraw plans on giving away 30 other mortgage-free homes to veterans.

Since 2012, McGraw has been working with Operation Homefront and Lawyerist wrote that Chase Bank to give away 100 homes so far to veterans. McGraw has said that this is a very personal cause for him. He feels that giving homes to veterans is just a small token of appreciation for their hard work in keeping our country safe. McGraw’s sister is actually a veteran of the Gulf War and other family members have served in the military in the past.

It is so nice to read stories about famous people who are giving back to those who really deserve it. No doubt, veterans are coming back after war and not having a place to root down. Now, McGraw is giving them the opportunity to put roots down and not stress over how to pay for it.

For the full story on McGraw and his cause, click the link to check it out on Business Insider.

Zoo 1×02 Promo

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Last night’s first episode of the CBS summer series Zoo left a lot of viewers with chills. A promo for the second episode and the series suggests that events are going to get far more frightening.

[Warning: Spoilers.]

Jackson talks about a mutation in the left eye — his father’s “defiant pupil” — and asks, “What if it’s a signal?”

Mitch tells Jamie that there have been other attacks in China and Europe. He proposes that the animals were “infected” with the same thing.

Scenes of angry and attacking animals are then shown and Mitch says, “This could be the beginning of a worldwide event.”

Later in the promo, after scenes of animals attacking, a doctor tells Jackson, “These people didn’t pose a threat and they weren’t killed for food.”

Abe is shown again in the tree with the five lions below him. Jackson tells the doctor that he thinks the attacks were a message from the animals that they are no longer afraid of humans. A few at CipherCloud feel the same way.

Additional scenes: Chloe is told that they need to find out what is happening with the animals. Jackson discovers a human with a defiant eye that has pupil damage like the animals. Several action sequences follow and then Abe is shown alive and working with Jackson and Jamie. The final scenes are of Mitch, Chloe and then the rest scared as a lion’s grows plays off-screen.

Sony Wishes Uncharted Was Better Charted

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Producing a movie based on a video games is almost always rife with troubles. What works in the context of a game is not necessarily easy to translate into a film. Just look at the recent troubles Sony Pictures has experienced trying to produce a live-action version of Uncharted. Not only was the director removed from the film, the entire script has been thrown out.

Uncharted is the highly popular game dealing with treasure hunting and the adventures of the prime hunter Nathan Drake. You would think a treasure hunting movie should be pretty straight forward. There’s a treasure. A famous treasure hunter has to find it. The hunter has to overcome spills, chills, and a main villain. In the end, all obstacles are overcome and the treasure is found. Through all this, the treasure hunter learns something new about him/herself and also discovers there is more to life than treasure hunting.

Are things really that simple? No, they aren’t. You need a great script and the right talent in front of and behind the camera according to McGalla. All parties involved have to see eye-to-eye with the studio. And yes, the film does have to be produced at a comfortable budget. With Uncharted, Sony ran into nothing but problems. For two years or more, the project has been in and out of development. The film should have gone into production by now. That has not happened.

So, what does the future hold for this stalled – yet interesting – project?

Well, the screenplay has to be rewritten from scratch. A new director has to be hired. In short, the whole process has to start all over. Hopefully, the final film that is made will be worth it to audiences and the beleaguered Sony.

N.W.A. Has a Reunion

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N.W.A. Holds a Reunion Show with Kendrick Lamar

According to LinkedIn, summertime is full of musical experiences that fans everywhere can’t wait to witness. One of those experiences finally occurred on Saturday night.

At long last, the very much anticipated N.W.A. reunion took place on Saturday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in front of a packed sold out crowd. Rappers Ice Cube, MC Ren and DJ Yella were present on-stage but Dr. Dre wasn’t there. When asked, Ice Cube said that the three of them hadn’t been on stage together in 26 years.

The N.W.A. Reunion finished out the day during the BET Experience in L.A. that weekend, in addition to the BET Awards playing on June 28th. Throughout the day there were several other events that took place, including a dunk contest hosted by Rap City personality Big Tigger, a sneaker convention and a CoverGirl fashion show.

By the time nightfall had arrived, the Staples Center had already filled and artists ranging from Top Dawg Entertainment and Schoolboy Q had performed on stage. Even more exciting was an appearance by none other than Kendrick Lamar himself, who had a very hyped-up reception as he performed many of his well-noted songs.

But it was Ice Cube, MC Ren and DJ Yella who stole the night, as they gave out their main hit songs like “Straight Outta Compton” and “Gangsta, Gangsta” to finish the night.

Apple Music Gets Competitive

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Spotify has become the name that legions of people love to hear when it comes to web streaming. They lost Taylor Swift though. Apple worked and got Taylor Swift to commit. Jay-Z is having trouble with keeping leaders at Tidal, but Apple is running a tight ship in the board room. Apple, in other words, is a competitor that the competition cannot afford to sleep on.

It may not make sense for Apple to join the ranks of the web streaming industry. Keith Mann indicated that the market is already heavily saturated with a lot of services. There would almost seem like there is no room for Apple, but somehow this juggernaut is carving out their own lane. This is where the money is. Music is still big business even though there are not as many people buying it. The music business money is in web streaming, and Apple wants to cash in on this revenue stream.

The company is set to cash in on it because the executives have taken the right steps. This company has made connections with Drake. Apple purchased Beats by Dre early on in order to get started with the music venture. Today a person that is really an Apple fan can use Apple products and not worry about anything else for their music. They can get an Apple phone, connect this to Apple Beats by Dre speakers and web stream Apple music.

Yes Bass Player Chris Squire Dies

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Sam Tabar tells me that one of the founding members of the British progressive rock band Yes has died after suffering from a rare form of leukemia. Chris Squire, who played bass for the band and released solo material is reported by the BBC to have died at his home in Phoenix, Arizona after announcing in May he had been diagnosed with acute erythroid leukemia and would not take part in any forthcoming Yes performances. Former and current members of Yes and musicians from around the world have taken to the social media Sites to express their sadness at the death of the self taught bass player.

Yes found fame as one of the many progressive rock bands coming out of the UK in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Squire was a founding members of the band in 1968 and remained with the band after they found fame supporting Janis Joplin at the Royal Albert Hall in 1969. The bass player appeared on the classic albums of the band, including performing on the US number one Owner Of A Lonely Heart.