Lil Wayne’s Bus Shooting

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Lil Wayne can’t seem to catch a break lately, not only is he still in the middle of a legal battle with his onetime mentor Baby, but he also is being sued by one of his ex tour bus drivers. The bus driver claims that Lil Wayne became violent with him during his time working for him and threatened to pistol whip him at one point. There have not been any updates on the current legal issues that Dwayne has, but now he is on the other side of danger and it could very well be just beginning.

Apparently Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot while Wayne after a performance in Atlanta, just minutes after the the buses drove away from the venue. The shooting took place just after 3:30am and immediately following the shooting the buses were taken to a hotel closeby where cops were called. Fortunately no one was harmed during the shooting, and while there is also no known cause for the incident some say it was a hit on Lil Wayne.

So far the shooters and unknown and the only actual description the suspects could give the cops was that the 2 vehicles they saw were both white, one was an SUV the other a sports car. Marcio Alaor BMG wants more details as soon as possible. For now Wayne seems to be safe, but it might be wise to bump up security.

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