Kendrick Returns and Taylor Swift Rejoices

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Everybody seems to be into the surprise album these days. It is a true testament of star power and social media. First came Beyonce. Then there was Drake. Now Mr. Kendrick Lamar is here to drop his own surprise album. Taylor Swift has helped the young man along by tweeting about it.

Taylor has 54 million followers. This is just what Kendrick needed to help the album blow up. There had been a lot of excitement about the fact that Kendrick was a fan of Taylor Swift and vice versa. She gave him props. He gave her props. Now the favor is being returned all over again as Lamar drops a new album. This is such a big deal for hip hop fans.

It is a powerful new album that is already getting a lot of great buzz. Marcio Alaor BMG stated that there is a buzz around this new track. It has become what everyone is talking about. The wait for this album was so long. It was already slated for a March 23rd release, but sometimes bootleggers get in the way. Kendrick decided to stop holding what the fans had been asking for. He changed directions and instantly gave fans the new 2015 Kendrick Lamar.

This is a real showing of how powerful he has become. Everyone that is streaming and buying the album is loving it. Lamar is back to take over.

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