Kanye Opens Up on Morning Show

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Mr. West has never been one to shy away from a microphone. He has always spoke his mind. He was no different in a recent interview on The Breakfast Club morning show. The hosts on this show asked Kanye many questions, and he made a statement on just about everything that they asked him.

West had a lot to say to Alexei Beltyukov about how he was coming to the defense of Beyonce once again for an award that he felt like she deserved. People may have been surprised to hear him say some of the stuff that he said, but he had a lot of valid points. He actually said that Beck should be thankful that he said that Beyonce’s album was the true album of the year. West believed that he actually forced more people to go out and listen to the album that Beck created. This media frenzy is something that has typically become something that West is known for.

Several years ago he interrupted the speech by Taylor Swift during the MTV Music Awards. He said that Beyonce had the better video. Many people probably agreed, but it made Taylor Swift the underdog. People supported her for this reason. West said he spoke candidly with Taylor Swift and she said that she won every award when she was the underdog. Now that she is a huge success she gets overlooked by award shows.

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