I’m Going To The UK, But I Can Still Use FreedomPop When I Travel

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I currently use FreedomPop services, and I only switched over to them because of the high costs of the plan I was on before. I was with another cell phone company, and I couldn’t believe their outrageous prices. I rarely use my cell phone, and I can actually go days without taking a phone call, but I like having a cell phone for security. When I found out about Freedomop’s 200 free minute plan, I knew that it was something that I could use. Not only do I get free minutes, but I’ll also have 500 MB of data as well as 500 text messages.

The reason why I wanted to sign up for the service is because I plan on spending the entire summer in the UK, and I wanted to cut back on my bills in the USA while I was here. I thought that saving $100 a month from my previous phone company would give me a couple hundred extra dollars to spend in the UK because it’s money I won’t be spending on cell phone service. Not only did I sign up for the FreedomPop cell phone service, but I was also able to transfer over my current cell phone to their services.

I was happy because I get to use one of the latest smart phones out there today with the cell phone FreedomPop on review.com services. I also found out some more information that blows me away, and I learned that FreedomPop now has services in the UK. The same free services that I get here in the USA, I can also get them in the UK as well. That means that when I go over to another country, I’ll be able to have free phone service, and that’s an amazing deal.

I don’t know of any other phone companies that have cell phone service in different countries, and I can use the service in another country without having roaming charges. FreedomPop even has a sim card that I can put in my phone, and it allows me to make phone calls while I’m overseas, and this means I won’t be roaming. Roaming charges can be extremely high, especially when a person goes overseas.

I’ve decided that I’m going to stick with FreedomPop services when I come back from the UK because I don’t know of any other company that has such great deals. FreedomPop has all of their customers in mind, and their biggest plans are to help customers save money. There are several ways to save money with FreedomPop services, and one way is by switching to the free cell phone plan.

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