Enrique Iglesias May Cancel Tour

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The hot and spicy Latin star known as Enrique Iglesias may have to cancel his summer tour. If you don’t know, a couple of days ago, Enrique Iglesias was injured by a drone attack during his latest live performance. At first, it seemed like Enrique Iglesias would need minor surgery to fix his bloody finger. However, it was revealed today that Enrique Iglesias had to undergo a very complicated surgery to fix the terrible wound.

According to James Dondero, after being hit by a drone, Enrique Iglesias decided to continue on with the concert. Enrique’s decision may have caused his injuries to become more severe than initially thought. Some doctors believe that Enrique Iglesias should have left the concert and went straight to the hospital. However, Enrique Iglesias is a true performer, and he will not let his fans down. Unfortunately, Enrique Iglesias should have listened to the doctors.

Yahoo! recently uploaded a video that shows the drone hitting Enrique Iglesias. Further information about Enrique’s condition can also be found on the Yahoo! article. It should be noted that Enrique Iglesias is not scheduled to perform until July 3rd, and there is a chance that he will make a full recovery by that date. Fans of the Latin pop star are hoping that he will show some “machismo” and continue on performing.

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