Pope Francis and his Laudato Si

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Pope Francis has written a 191-page manifesto called “Laudato Si” aimed at the rich. He has called for a complete revolution of the international economic system in which the rich exploit the poor and future generations via misuse and abuse of the environment. According to the pope, as a result of industrial misuses by the rich, everyone, in fact, is being adversely affected. In support of his words, he also cited biblical passages that mandate our loving protection of the environment. These recent writings by the pope have certainly not been taken lightly by the international Catholic community.

The writings have stirred up a huge debate throughout the church worldwide. Many of those against a full-blown revolution in this area are fine with small modifications over time, but the pope is calling for a complete reversal in environmental matters. He says small modifications here and there merely delay the coming catastrophe. His statements have thrust the Roman Catholic church into an issue that before was only an issue dealt with by the political and scientific community. A more serious worldwide thought process is expected to result from the addition of morality and ethics to the discussion. For a closer exploration of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si read this article.

Pope Francis’ primary outrage is against the rich who feel that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Catholics who have in the past have publicly opposed the ideas behind the revolution against climate change are now in a ticklish situation.

Thanks to Zeca Oliveira for showing me this news in this piece.

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