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Tim McGraw Gives Homes to Veterans

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Country singer and actor Tim McGraw is giving back to his country in a big way. Working with both Operation Homefront and Chase Bank, McGraw has helped house US veterans. So far this year, McGraw has given away six homes to veterans that are mortgage-free. This is just the beginning of the project. During his “Shotgun Rider 2015″ tour, McGraw plans on giving away 30 other mortgage-free homes to veterans.

Since 2012, McGraw has been working with Operation Homefront and Lawyerist wrote that Chase Bank to give away 100 homes so far to veterans. McGraw has said that this is a very personal cause for him. He feels that giving homes to veterans is just a small token of appreciation for their hard work in keeping our country safe. McGraw’s sister is actually a veteran of the Gulf War and other family members have served in the military in the past.

It is so nice to read stories about famous people who are giving back to those who really deserve it. No doubt, veterans are coming back after war and not having a place to root down. Now, McGraw is giving them the opportunity to put roots down and not stress over how to pay for it.

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