Joseph Bismark is a gemstone of a man

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His name is Joseph Luis Eleuterio Tomacruz Bismark, but he just favors Joseph. He is the essential gemstone of calmness. His agreement on positive thinking has captivated his life. In an open optimistic manifesto, he mapped-out a successful career as an author and businessman. He grounded his livelihood on this fundamental concept that a strong mind is critical to a happy existence. In addition he believes invigorating the body with athleticism also strengthens the mind. I find myself in alignment with his teaching and scholar.

The author of The Gem Collection: A Compilation of Wisdom, Joseph enlightens the reader to the power of positive thinking. He says as people search for personal power they should realize that that power is already inside themselves, and no need to be found. Since individual power is within, so it is dutiful true happiness is cuddled next to it. Joseph Bismark says all that needs to be done is unearth that pebble of contentment inside and serenity begins to radiate one’s life back to equilibrium. It is almost like rock balancing. Balancing rocks is a knack that can be performed which seems difficult at first glance, but is actually quite simple in design. He says he lives by a few simple rules: one on top of the other perfectly poised in unison. To understand Joseph Bismark is to read his book and writings and I discovery reading his writings is comforting to me. 

I have chosen a few of Joseph Bismark’s credos to follow, as if to place one more rock on my sculpture of understanding in Joseph’s collection. I abide by these rules. I admire: “Truth Is Important, No Matter How Uncomfortable.” Joseph Bismark articulates that truth is mandatory and I agree. He goes further and resonates a belief that truth should govern in the workplace and employee relations. I would say truth is a universal prerequisite for any circumstance. Another view of Joseph’s is: Be Empathetic. As a compassionate person I hope I am considered by all as kindhearted. Joseph Bismark’s thinks just considering someone else’s point-of-view is worthy and I approve. As a jewel of wisdom Joseph Bismark is a nugget of greatness.