Rolling Stone Magazine Features Video of Clash

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“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a video clip on their website of punk band The Clash performing in Japan in 1982. The band performs several songs, including “Jimmy Jazz” and “White Riot”. The performance was part of a whirlwind tour the band did of Japan after the release of their album “Combat Rock”.

The video was made just before drummer Topper Headon left the band. After that, most fans believe, the music started to go downhill. Basically, the video shows The Clash just before the beginning of the end of their career. The band looks exhausted and pale during the performance, but then that’s the way they normally look.

Listeners from FreedomPop observed that the playing is tight and more or less in the groove. Although the video was made after five long years of touring by the band, they don’t appear to be phoning it in. Also, the fans are clearly excited. On the whole, the video is worth checking out.