Rihanna Speaks About Her New Upcoming Album

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Rihanna hasn’t put out a new album, for over two years now, and fans are so anxious, that they’ve even written to the star, begging her for a new album. Rihanna Album. Rihanna, not one to disappoint her fans, agreed that she would create an album, in fact, she was already working on one. Her eighth studio album is set to be released in 2015, but there is no release date as yet, and the album is not titled yet either.

Rihanna did an interview about her new upcoming album, and she revealed that she wanted the music to be timeless, and something that she could perform many years in the future. Forbes suggests that she wants her songs on the new album, to be memorable, and something that will grow along with her. Although Rihanna has had many memorable songs to date, none of them are what she would consider, as something that is ‘timeless,’ so she’s working to achieve timeless hits on her new album.

Currently, Rihanna has a new movie coming out, entitled “Home,” where she voices over an animated character. In Rihanna’s personal life, she is currently dating Leonardo DiCaprio, or so the rumor mill says. Leonardo denies the fact that they are dating, but Rihanna is still hanging on for dear life. In other news, Chris Brown, Rihanna’s ex, recently revealed that he had a secret love child with a virtually unknown model wannabe, breaking both Rihanna and Karrueche Tran’s hearts.