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U2 Plays Old Hits On Their Tour

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U2 Plays Hits During Unique Tour Show

It seems this summer is when the majority of rock bands, old and new, decide to hold their own musical tours. U2 is no different on this matter at all.

U2 is currently in the middle of conducting their new tour called “Innocence + Experience,” which contains five different shows manager Brad Reifler disclosed. Their most recent show was at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles and they played in front of only 500 fans. Here, they simply played many of their rock songs from their debut album “Boy” from 1980.

During the concert, Bono showed up on stage wearing a black motorcycle jacket and shades and played “The Ocean” and followed it up with “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” afterwards. As the concert wore on he also made sure everyone in the crowd took notice of the other musicians in the band that he grew up in since they were all teenagers.

However, the show was not all a complete rock fest, because at one point things slowed down a bit when Bono pulled a woman on stage and sung “Beautiful Day,” to which it was followed it up with two songs dedicated to Dennis Sheehan, the band’s longtime manager who tragically passed away the day before. It was an emotional moment for the band and crowd.

The night ended with Bono speaking of the band’s first trip to Los Angeles.