Nelly Rocks Country

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Country music fans that wanted Nelly to release a country music album can get excited. It is finally happening. He has the ability to do this because fans already have been used to him singing.

Nelly has become the person that is known on both pop and rap charts. Lately, however, he has really struggled to make songs that have caught on in rap. He has been around for a long time, and his young fan base has grown up. What he has managed to do is capture a new group of fans. Many people love to hear Nelly sing so the country music album will be perfect. Actress Crystal Hunt can’t wait.

Nelly has managed to become a force in entertainment. He has made movies. He has also made a lot of appearances on television shows. He has managed to get a reality show. This may highlight his journey in making a country music album. This could be a good look for Nelly. He also has a country music fan base because he has appeared on some country music songs. All of this has made it easy for him to move into the country music sector.

Fans are waiting to hear what Nelly will have to say in his country music songs. They are excited about the possible EP that make feature other rappers. This is a big step for Nelly, but he is certainly ready for it.