Kanye Opens Up on Morning Show

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Mr. West has never been one to shy away from a microphone. He has always spoke his mind. He was no different in a recent interview on The Breakfast Club morning show. The hosts on this show asked Kanye many questions, and he made a statement on just about everything that they asked him.

West had a lot to say to Alexei Beltyukov about how he was coming to the defense of Beyonce once again for an award that he felt like she deserved. People may have been surprised to hear him say some of the stuff that he said, but he had a lot of valid points. He actually said that Beck should be thankful that he said that Beyonce’s album was the true album of the year. West believed that he actually forced more people to go out and listen to the album that Beck created. This media frenzy is something that has typically become something that West is known for.

Several years ago he interrupted the speech by Taylor Swift during the MTV Music Awards. He said that Beyonce had the better video. Many people probably agreed, but it made Taylor Swift the underdog. People supported her for this reason. West said he spoke candidly with Taylor Swift and she said that she won every award when she was the underdog. Now that she is a huge success she gets overlooked by award shows.

Drake’s Surprise Album Surprises Many

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When Beyonce dropped a surprise album with no promotion it got the creative gears turning in the heads of just about every entertainer on planet Earth. It was a flawless release that did not require any expensive marketing hype. This release was also protected from bootleggers because no one even knew that it was dropping. Now the Ontario rapper with Memphis roots that the world knows as Drake is following her footsteps.

The major difference is the timing: Beyonce went for the Christmas crowd with a December release; Drake was in search of the Valentine’s Day crowd with his release. Guys who knew that their girls were fans of Drake would have no problem spending on his new disc to make their girlfriends happy. This may have possibly been part of the reason that the album sold so well during the first week.

Bernardo Chua knows that the album was a literal surprise, but there is an even deeper surprise in place. What may be surprising to a lot of fans is the exclusion of singles that are not on the disc. Drake has release one hit after another for the radio. He seems to drop a new track every couple of months. All of the music from the disc is new. There are no singles, and that seems strange for someone that has dominated with singles. In these songs Drake raps and sings in a braggadocios tone.

Ahmad Givens, a.k.a. ‘Real,’ Pases Away at Age 33

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Real Chance of Love fans will remember the long-haired sweetheart looking for love on the VH1 reality series and his equally handsome and love-challenged brother Chance. Today is a sad day for fans of the show and these two gentlemen, as Ahmad Givens, a.k.a. Real, has passed away at the young age of 33. Colon cancer is the cause of death.

Real began his acting career on the earlier VH1 series ‘I Love New York,’ then was featured on two seasons of ‘Flavor of Love,’ starring Flavor Flav. After these shows, Real along with his brother, were offered their own show, which the pair gladly accepted according to Brian Torchin.

Real was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2013. After surgery, things were looking up for the young star. However, he relapsed in 2014 and began undergoing chemotherapy. A bathroom fall in January left him bedridden until his February 20 death.

OUr thoughts and prayers go out to the Givens family, including brother Chance, a.k.a. Kamal, who posted very heartbreaking photos sharing his loss with fans.

John Textor Is Helping Create Photo-Realistic Digital Humans

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John Textor, of Pulse Evolution Corporation‘s executive chairman, is a master of digital productions. With his innovative digital creations in movies like Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and 25 other feature films, people have become familiar with his work. But they may not know much about the man behind it. The man responsible for the digital resurrection of Michael Jackson, Elvis Pressley, and Tupac Shakur that has stunned audiences worldwide and showed the potential future of digital technology.

A 1987 graduate of Wesleyan University with a B.A. in economics, Textor began his career working in finance. Immediately after graduation, he co-founded and became managing partner of the Florida based private equity firm Wyndcrest Holdings. The company’s focus was on the internet, telecommunications, and entertainment. He became director of the internet retailer specializing in children’s products, The Parent Company and BabyUniverse, in 1999. Recognizing his vision, talent, and innate understanding of business, in 2002 he was promoted to chairman and he became the company’s CEO in 2005.

That was just the beginning of Textor’s career as an executive. Since that time, he has also been Sims Snowboards’ chairman and CEO, Lydian Trust Company/Virtual’s founding director, and was one of the people responsible for corporate finance and strategic planning for Michael Swerdlow Companies. In 2006 Textor moved to Digital Domain and Digital Domain Media Group, its parent company, as chairman and CEO. It was then he truly began to make a name for himself and show his prodigious talent in the realm of digital media.

Through his work with those two companies, he has been involved in doing visual effects for groundbreaking movies like Real Steel, Tron: Legacy, and Transformers. Under his leadership, the company won an Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects in 2009 creating a believable digital human actor in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Many inside and outside the movie industry hail this achievement as the ‘Holy Grail of Animation’. Textor also helped the company earn other Academy Awards and multiple CLIO awards for innovative advertising using photo-realistic, digital humans.

Textor then took his talents to digital production company Pulse Evolution Corporation and became their executive chairman. The company specializes in creating computer-generated human likeness applications. He is currently hard at work on the creation of a number of movies using the technology.

Big Seans Blesses Fan With New Music

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When it was time for the new album to drop Big Sean got a surge of support from a lot of entertainers in the business. Several of the people that are featured on the album put the album cover on Instagram. Now Sean is representing the Kanye G.O.O.D. Music label well with a track featuring his big homeboy/mentor Kanye West. The new track is calledBlessings.

In this song Drake is also featured. He is the one that is starting things off. These rhymes provide a glimpse into the lives of the rappers as they speak about the many blessings that they have experienced. Drake even raps about how heaven could possibly be much better than the life he has here on Earth right now. It is a bold statement, but it fits along the lines of a rapper that has built a career with a life of sinful acts and very little remorse.

Kanye sounds more like himself here than he does on his own “Only One” track featuring Sir Paul McCartney. Those who may not have been looking forward to hearing Kanye sing like Fersen Lambranho, will be delighted to hear him on the Big Sean track.

Big Sean still has the same bragging tone that made him famous. He continues to state the obvious in many instances, but his witty lyrical delivery is what makes the track stand out. Many fans like this.