N.W.A. Has a Reunion

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N.W.A. Holds a Reunion Show with Kendrick Lamar

According to LinkedIn, summertime is full of musical experiences that fans everywhere can’t wait to witness. One of those experiences finally occurred on Saturday night.

At long last, the very much anticipated N.W.A. reunion took place on Saturday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in front of a packed sold out crowd. Rappers Ice Cube, MC Ren and DJ Yella were present on-stage but Dr. Dre wasn’t there. When asked, Ice Cube said that the three of them hadn’t been on stage together in 26 years.

The N.W.A. Reunion finished out the day during the BET Experience in L.A. that weekend, in addition to the BET Awards playing on June 28th. Throughout the day there were several other events that took place, including a dunk contest hosted by Rap City personality Big Tigger, a sneaker convention and a CoverGirl fashion show.

By the time nightfall had arrived, the Staples Center had already filled and artists ranging from Top Dawg Entertainment and Schoolboy Q had performed on stage. Even more exciting was an appearance by none other than Kendrick Lamar himself, who had a very hyped-up reception as he performed many of his well-noted songs.

But it was Ice Cube, MC Ren and DJ Yella who stole the night, as they gave out their main hit songs like “Straight Outta Compton” and “Gangsta, Gangsta” to finish the night.

Signs of J.Lo and Missy Collaboration

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Missy and J.Lo are having fun tweeting about the possibility of a collaboration. Fans stay glued into twitter feeds and hop on anything that sounds like it could happen. That is how most rumors get started, but sometimes Twitter holds truth.

One could only imagine what a collaboration between both Missy and Jennifer Lopez would sound like. This is the type of superstar combination that a lot of people dream about, and that includes my buddy Ivan Ong who told me about this collaboration. It seems odd they haven’t already done so since they ran in the same circles at one time or another. Missy worked with P.Diddy in the very early stages of her career. She got her start by rapping on a song by an artist named Gina Thompson. This was one of Diddy’s artist. Diddy would go on to become the boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez and change her stage name to J.Lo.

For the last several years Missy Elliot has been sick. She hasn’t been seen out much, but the appearance at the Katy Perry Superbowl performance sparked a renewed interest in Missy. Now there is talk about J.Lo and Missy doing music. This would probably not be anytime soon because J.Lo just released an album. It could, however, be a great single for 2016 when J.Lo plans to headline in Vegas. Getting a hit song from Missy could help her sell even more tickets when she takes up residency there.

Lil Wayne’s Bus Shooting

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Lil Wayne can’t seem to catch a break lately, not only is he still in the middle of a legal battle with his onetime mentor Baby, but he also is being sued by one of his ex tour bus drivers. The bus driver claims that Lil Wayne became violent with him during his time working for him and threatened to pistol whip him at one point. There have not been any updates on the current legal issues that Dwayne has, but now he is on the other side of danger and it could very well be just beginning.

Apparently Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot while Wayne after a performance in Atlanta, just minutes after the the buses drove away from the venue. The shooting took place just after 3:30am and immediately following the shooting the buses were taken to a hotel closeby where cops were called. Fortunately no one was harmed during the shooting, and while there is also no known cause for the incident some say it was a hit on Lil Wayne.

So far the shooters and unknown and the only actual description the suspects could give the cops was that the 2 vehicles they saw were both white, one was an SUV the other a sports car. Marcio Alaor BMG wants more details as soon as possible. For now Wayne seems to be safe, but it might be wise to bump up security.

Iggy Azalea is The Latest Celebrity Underwear Model

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Iggy Azalea is a controversial new female rap star that has taken over the music world. She is a white rapper from Australia, and she also has an extremely sexy figure. Iggy has a body that is to die for, and many men have begun to fantasize about her. Luckily, fans of Iggy Azalea will be able to see more of her than ever before.

Iggy Azalea has announced that she will be modeling for an underwear company called Bonds. Iggy has already been featured in two pictures wearing nothing but underwear and a bra, which caught Dr Jennifer Walden a bit by surprised. The photos of Iggy have gone viral, and it’s for good reason. Iggy Azalea appears incredibly fit in the pictures, and she makes the underwear desirable for men and women.

In the past, Iggy Azalea has been criticized because she is not the greatest rapper out there. Rap stars such as Snoop Dogg and Professor Griff believe that Iggy Azalea has been manufactured by the music industry to sell records. It is pretty obvious to everyone that Iggy cannot rap. However, Iggy Azalea’s body is the key to selling her records anyway, and her recent photos proves it. To see Iggy Azalea sporting her New underwear, visit E!

Zayn Malik Exits One Direction World Tour Following Rumors

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One Direction band members Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne have proven that they are troopers after continuing on their “On the Road Again” tour minus bandmate Zayn Malik. Malik opted to take time off from the band’s demanding schedule due to stress related issues.

Malik returned to the U.K. to recooperate. The stress-related hardships followed accusations that he had cheated on his fiancee, Little Mix band member Perrie Edwards. Photographs of Malik, showing his hand linked to that of another woman, recently surfaced. The photos led fans and Edwards to doubt Malik’s faithfulness.

The 22-year-old Malik was disheartened at the rumors.

“So many jealous people in this world,” Malik wrote on his Twitter page. “I’m sorry for what it looks like.”

According to some sources, Edwards had swept previous rumors of Malik gallavanting wither other women, but the recent photographs have caused her to doubt the couple’s relationship. There have been reports that the singer’s time away from the boy band was upon Perrie’s orders, but reps have not confirmed nor denied the reports.

Fans at Anastasia Date have heard that the group has divided up covering Malik’s solos during recent performances. One Direction remains scheduled to appear in Manila and Jakarta. The group is scheduled to take a brief break from the road in April or May before returning to the performance scene.

One Direction’s “On the Road Again” tour is set to run through October.

There has been no official word indicating when Malik will return to the tour.

5 Best Songs Covered By Ed Sheeran

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Some songs are already awesome but there are a few that become even better when Ed Shyeeran sings a cover for them. The singer recently set hearts aflame with “I See Fire” in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug but if you think you’ve seen the best of Ed Sheeran, you’re wrong.

Here are 5 songs that Ed Sheeran has covered and made so much better –

Royals by Lorde – Just when you thought Royals couldn’t be more amazing, in comes Ed Sheeran with his cover of the song that he learnt in a mere 2 minutes 25 seconds.

Take Me To Church by Hozier – Hozier is practically the heartbeat of every music lover these days and Take Me To Church is the anthem. Ed Sheeran has done a beautiful job covering it.

Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys and Jay Z – If this song has always been on your playlist ever since it came out, it is time to give Ed Sheeran’s version a try.

Wonderwall by Oasis – This classic is now a modern because Ed Sheeran lent his dulcet tones to it.

We Found Love by Rihanna – A lot many people, including Rihanna fans, would find love in this cover by Ed Sheeran.

Alexei Beltyukov has learned that other songs that Ed has covered include Beyonce’s hit ‘Drunk in Love’, ‘She Looks so Perfect’ by 5SOS and even ‘Swim Good’ by Frank Ocean.

Kendrick Returns and Taylor Swift Rejoices

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Everybody seems to be into the surprise album these days. It is a true testament of star power and social media. First came Beyonce. Then there was Drake. Now Mr. Kendrick Lamar is here to drop his own surprise album. Taylor Swift has helped the young man along by tweeting about it.

Taylor has 54 million followers. This is just what Kendrick needed to help the album blow up. There had been a lot of excitement about the fact that Kendrick was a fan of Taylor Swift and vice versa. She gave him props. He gave her props. Now the favor is being returned all over again as Lamar drops a new album. This is such a big deal for hip hop fans.

It is a powerful new album that is already getting a lot of great buzz. Marcio Alaor BMG stated that there is a buzz around this new track. It has become what everyone is talking about. The wait for this album was so long. It was already slated for a March 23rd release, but sometimes bootleggers get in the way. Kendrick decided to stop holding what the fans had been asking for. He changed directions and instantly gave fans the new 2015 Kendrick Lamar.

This is a real showing of how powerful he has become. Everyone that is streaming and buying the album is loving it. Lamar is back to take over.

“Blurred Lines” Trial Verdict

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The “Blurred Lines” trial verdict is in! On March 10, a federal jury handed down a ruling implicating that songwriters Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke committed an act of copyright infringement when it came to their hit song “Blurred Lines.”

The lawsuit, brought into federal court by family members of the late Marvin Gaye, claimed that the song was infringing upon the trademark of Gaye’s hit song “Got to Give It Up.” Rapper T.I. was also named in the suit, but the jury did not find him guilty of wrongdoing.

Williams said, at trial, that he was attempting to channel the spirit of Marvin Gaye by writing in the style of that musical genre. Williams went on to say that Thicke did not take part in the songwriting process. Williams was reported in previous interviews as having said that “Blurred Lines” was inspired by “Got to Give It Up.”

A music writing specialist and analyst took the stand at the trial, comparing the two hit songs bar by bar stated The specialist declared that the majority of “Blurred Lines” had been copied from “Got to Give It Up.”

Thicke and Williams made an estimated $5 million from the song. The jury was never allowed to hear “Got to Give It Up” play in the courtroom due to copyright laws.

The jury awarded more than $7 million in damages to the Gaye family.

Cam’ron to Release New Music

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Cam’ron is back and more new music is on the way. At least that is what he said. He has a new album that will be released this year, and he will round up old friends and new emcees for the continuation of “The Purple Haze.” The new album, “The Purple Haze 2,” picks up where Cam’ron left off.

It has been reported that this could be his last album. There are certainly signs that this could be true because he has been sick in previous years. He has also failed to release a lot of new material over the years. The combination of factors like this will probably cause him to retire from the rap game. PR Newswire had reported that it would be difficult to stay when his fan base has began to shrink so much over the years. He was part of the Diplomats when they were hot, but now things are different. The Roca-A-Fella label is gone. The Jay-Z and Dame Dash partnership is done.

More than a decade ago Cam’ron was on top with a struggling new talent in the background to supply the beats. This new talent was an artist by the name of Kanye West. Now Mr. West, along with Jay-Z, are big names in the industry. Cam’ron, by contrast, has a limited hip hop fan base. This will make it difficult for him to build himself back up again in entertainment.

Ariana Grande And Big Sean Release A Song, And It’s Not What We Expected

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When you think of Ariana Grande and Big Sean, you think of a hot young power couple who are well on their way to owning their own fields and being the best they can be, but does that only apply to their solo careers or are they both really falling apart like their new song ‘Research’ seems to insinuate.

Big Sean told MTV news that everything has never been better as he was on his way to Detroit to promote his new album ‘Dark Sky Paradise’. One of the surprise songs on the album was the duet with the two singing about Ariana being a detective while Sean is messing around. That doesn’t sound right to anyone although according to them, “It’s just a song”.

According to Sean, the song was just to start testing the waters on how the two could sound together while approaching a topic that everyone can relate to, which in their case I guess is infidelity. Sean and Ariana have a couple of songs now together but none of them are going to be released until they have something solid to work with stated Zeca Oliviera.

Could this be another Jay Z and Beyonce situation where “Crazy in Love” and Bonnie and Clyde” made the biggest bangs in the music charts at the time. Many people to this day are looking for that next power couple to seize the Jay and Bey throne.