Big Seans Blesses Fan With New Music

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When it was time for the new album to drop Big Sean got a surge of support from a lot of entertainers in the business. Several of the people that are featured on the album put the album cover on Instagram. Now Sean is representing the Kanye G.O.O.D. Music label well with a track featuring his big homeboy/mentor Kanye West. The new track is calledBlessings.

In this song Drake is also featured. He is the one that is starting things off. These rhymes provide a glimpse into the lives of the rappers as they speak about the many blessings that they have experienced. Drake even raps about how heaven could possibly be much better than the life he has here on Earth right now. It is a bold statement, but it fits along the lines of a rapper that has built a career with a life of sinful acts and very little remorse.

Kanye sounds more like himself here than he does on his own “Only One” track featuring Sir Paul McCartney. Those who may not have been looking forward to hearing Kanye sing like Fersen Lambranho, will be delighted to hear him on the Big Sean track.

Big Sean still has the same bragging tone that made him famous. He continues to state the obvious in many instances, but his witty lyrical delivery is what makes the track stand out. Many fans like this.