How Animal Activism Developed in New York

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Animal Activism, also known as The Animal Rights Movement and even The Animal Liberation Movement, is a movement that was formed to end the use of animals being used for any kind of entertainment, research, and even food. Members of this movement did not look at animals as property and believed that animals should be protected. This movement started in the United Kingdom in the 1970s by a group of post-graduate students and eventually turned into an international movement. The development of the Animal Liberation Front in the United States is not really clear, however the FBI believes that there was some undercover criminal activity that took place starting back in the 1970s as well. Researchers believe that the fist Animal Liberation Front’s first action in North America occurred when one cat, two dogs, and two guinea pigs were rescued from the New York University Medical Center. This raid took place on March 4, 1979.

Keith Mann is a British writer and campaigner and is one of the leading participants involved in the Animal Liberation Front. He also wrote a book titled From Dusk Till Dawn: An Insider’s View of the growth of the Animal Liberation Movement. Keith Mann was a major advocate for the Animal Liberation Movement and as a result, that led to him attracting the attention and support of a few celebrities such as Celia Hammond, Benjamin Zephaniah, and Carla Lane. Furthermore, Mann became the subject of a documentary that aired on television.

He became even more well known when he was sentenced to 14 years of prison. Mann was arrested in 1991 because he was apart of a raid that consisted of an allied group. This allied group plotted to set meat lorries on fire. After some time, he somehow escaped from prison. He was found employed my an animal sanctuary that was run by the Celia Hammond Animal Trust. The organization hired Mann not realizing that he was an escapee from a federal prison.

Later he told reporters that the reason why the Animal Liberation Movement were beginning to behave in such a chaotic way was because they were not able to simply protest. If they had been able to protest, things would not have gotten out of hand. Mann’s sentence was reduced to 11 years due to an appeal, however it was still the longest of many sentences that a British animal rights activist had ever received.

The Broda Perspective

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My mother was the greatest business women of all time, and not by the heights that she ascended in the corporate world, but more by what she was able to achieve in the small conservative town in which we lived. She was a divorced mother with four boys. She organized a private club in an end run around the liquor regulations in the dry county in which we lived. It was such an astute exploitation of a loophole that the conservative members loved her government busting moves and let the establishment continue to operate. It did not hurt that many of the members were raised on her cooking from many of the successful restaurants in the area.

However, as the economy declined in the area, so did the patrons. Eventually, she closed her establishment. However, that was okay because we were beginning to all beginning to focus on college. I could not wait to educate myself and move up in life. When I first got into college, I understood really fast that being successful would take some adjustments and most of them would be social adjustments. The really obvious things were things that I could address straight away. These were minor things that having money in itself remedied, but the knowledge to avoid the pitfalls was only available to those that looked for the information.

This requires the forethought that many do not possess because it is not deemed necessary for success. We are only told when we are young that hard work is the way to success when actually, success requires thinking. The physical manifestation of this thinking is planning and executing, and all of these things must be curated with extreme vigilance. Before the economic downturn, many people dismissed terms like economists forecast dire consequences to the housing bubble. I did not dismiss this information because my economics professor was a moderately known economist in our small corner of the country.

He was insisting that the downturn was coming and outlined some financial moves for me to take to insure that some investments that I had out there in real estate were shored up before the crash occurred. He was citing a noted New York economists as his main source. This economist was Christian Broda on At the time, Broda was really outing the entire bubble, and the people and institutions that were instituting the issues that would topple our economy. Broda new better than most because he is also a noted investor, so his perspective was crystal clear on the subject. I thought back to my mom closing her business and wondered if we had the ability to consult an economist, would things have been different?

The Make-up Brilliance of Doe Deere

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If you need to make a statement, you might consider doing so with your face? Perhaps like the Boy George or Cindy Lauper wanna-bees of yesteryear, there is a make-up style that is not for the fashion timid and perfectly meets the needs of the fashion, umm, forward? At the very least, clowns, Cirque-de-Soleil performers, and maybe the adventurous youth of today might consider the bold and bright, colorful and thick-looking make-up styles that appear to be out there at the moment.

One provider of such bold make-up is the company Lime Crime. “In your face,” is an understatement. There are vibrant colors to the cosmetics as well as to the scheme of the packaging (some of which includes unicorn silhouettes,of course), and the tantalizing names of the selections of what has been described as “high impact color” add to the array of excitement. For teens and twenties, this make-up line looks like fun and practically screams for attention and purchasing.

Lime Crime was started by former musician, Doe Deere, the company’s founder and CEO, and she has recently released a YouTube video in which she constructs eyeshadow. With the new craze for people to try making things at home themselves, make-up is not out of the question, and the authenticity of Deere’s work can be seen in her video. Her product line is expanding, too, and she is happy to claim the unusual bright tones and going for a more well-rounded collection where sheen is in focus. Deere’s Lime Crime website asks the question, “What if (make-up) helped you express your personality?” While touting her product line as cruelty-free cosmetics, Doe Deere’s site also wants people to “live unapologetically.” That is certainly a statement that all can get behind.

Who doesn’t want make-up that can hide skin flaws, add vibrance, and showcase natural beauty? Whether worn thick or thin, bright or subdued, often or occasionally, cosmetics can make-up the personality of the wearer. While you can’t and never should hide what makes you uniquely you, the fun of trying on new shades and embracing bold ideas in facial expression can be enjoyable.

Make-up is a way to re-invent the way the world sees your face. It can turn the everyday into the something unexpected, and it can offer a new perspective for the wearer. Who am I today? What do I want to tell the world about me? Am I feeling bold and electric? Happy and energetic? Strong and vibrant? Let’s take a look at my make-up selections and see what products can help me to embrace my face with the passion that I feel for the day, for my life, and for my body. Purple? Yep, you got it! Green eye shadow, why not? Orange cheekbones with a hint of cranberry undercurrent? Absolutely! There are no rules in the make-up game, and there is no need to hide your eclectic side. Each day presents a new, fresh canvas to embrace, unless of course, you work outside the home.

Building a Team with Bruce Levenson

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One of the most essential aspects of building a great business over time is building a quality team that is committed to having quality work. There are many different companies that have a great product or service to offer customers. However, often times there are several different aspects of running a business that they do not excel in. Almost every company should focus on building a better team. Attracting and retaining top quality talent is essential to business growth over time. At the end of the day, providing value to customers is essential to business growth over time. Here are several ways that Bruce Levenson has been able to succeed in many different business segments over time through building a great team.


In the past, one of the first places that every business goes to cut quick costs is the salaries of their employees. However, there is a new line of thought coming in to the market place that says employees should be compensated fairly and based on their production. In fact, one of the best ways to revamp the quality of a team is to improve the compensation that employees receive. Bruce Levenson on has always pushed for higher compensation for members of his team while he has been in business. Over time, it is actually more expensive to replace a position than it is to pay employees more.


Another essential aspect of building a great team is the mission that employees have. There are many people that are not engaged in their work, and this makes them much less productive than they would be otherwise. In order to revamp the productivity of an employee, it is important to make them believe in their mission over time. The more a group of employees believe in the mission of their company, the more productive and happy they will be. This will translate in to higher sales and profits for any company over time.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is one of the most interesting stores in business over the past couple of years. Bruce Levenson has seen a lot of success and failure in his time at the top of the business ladder. However, one thing that has remained constant is that Bruce Levenson has business knowledge that he loves to pour out to other people that are willing to learn. Not only does he help to teach the younger people in each company that he works with, but he also gives back to the surrounding community that he is a part of. Bruce Levenson is a great example of how much a person can affect those around him in the long run.

The Advantage of Investing Over Work

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The idea of investing could scare some people. For one thing, the idea o spending money in order to gain money is not the most popular idea. Some people actually would rather work for their money with nothing spent on anything that could bring back profits. However, there are plenty of advantages that investing could have as something that is done along with work. As a matter of fact, making investments can be considered work one thinks about everything that goes into the activity. It takes a lot of research in order to ensure that one is going to profit from an investment.

The main advantage that making an investment has is that if one makes the right investment, it could bring about huge profits. The profits are so huge that it exceeds the amount of money made from a regular job. Also, there are cases where one could just get tired of working or sick. He wouldn’t be able to take time off in some cases without losing money. If he has leverage over his earnings, then he does not have to worry as much about losing money. He will still have money coming in the form of passive income. Residual income is one type of income that is worth having for many people.

One of the people who utilized both work and investing to his advantage is Brad Reifler. Brad Reifler has made a name for himself by masterfully working and investing. As a result, he has earned a fortune from his investment and work. While he worked very hard, he knew that it was not wise to depend completely on work in order to make the money needed to succeed. He has also started a couple of successful businesses. Reifler continues to work and invest for greater profits.

Joseph Bismark is a gemstone of a man

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His name is Joseph Luis Eleuterio Tomacruz Bismark, but he just favors Joseph. He is the essential gemstone of calmness. His agreement on positive thinking has captivated his life. In an open optimistic manifesto, he mapped-out a successful career as an author and businessman. He grounded his livelihood on this fundamental concept that a strong mind is critical to a happy existence. In addition he believes invigorating the body with athleticism also strengthens the mind. I find myself in alignment with his teaching and scholar.

The author of The Gem Collection: A Compilation of Wisdom, Joseph enlightens the reader to the power of positive thinking. He says as people search for personal power they should realize that that power is already inside themselves, and no need to be found. Since individual power is within, so it is dutiful true happiness is cuddled next to it. Joseph Bismark says all that needs to be done is unearth that pebble of contentment inside and serenity begins to radiate one’s life back to equilibrium. It is almost like rock balancing. Balancing rocks is a knack that can be performed which seems difficult at first glance, but is actually quite simple in design. He says he lives by a few simple rules: one on top of the other perfectly poised in unison. To understand Joseph Bismark is to read his book and writings and I discovery reading his writings is comforting to me. 

I have chosen a few of Joseph Bismark’s credos to follow, as if to place one more rock on my sculpture of understanding in Joseph’s collection. I abide by these rules. I admire: “Truth Is Important, No Matter How Uncomfortable.” Joseph Bismark articulates that truth is mandatory and I agree. He goes further and resonates a belief that truth should govern in the workplace and employee relations. I would say truth is a universal prerequisite for any circumstance. Another view of Joseph’s is: Be Empathetic. As a compassionate person I hope I am considered by all as kindhearted. Joseph Bismark’s thinks just considering someone else’s point-of-view is worthy and I approve. As a jewel of wisdom Joseph Bismark is a nugget of greatness.