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Signs of J.Lo and Missy Collaboration

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Missy and J.Lo are having fun tweeting about the possibility of a collaboration. Fans stay glued into twitter feeds and hop on anything that sounds like it could happen. That is how most rumors get started, but sometimes Twitter holds truth.

One could only imagine what a collaboration between both Missy and Jennifer Lopez would sound like. This is the type of superstar combination that a lot of people dream about, and that includes my buddy Ivan Ong who told me about this collaboration. It seems odd they haven’t already done so since they ran in the same circles at one time or another. Missy worked with P.Diddy in the very early stages of her career. She got her start by rapping on a song by an artist named Gina Thompson. This was one of Diddy’s artist. Diddy would go on to become the boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez and change her stage name to J.Lo.

For the last several years Missy Elliot has been sick. She hasn’t been seen out much, but the appearance at the Katy Perry Superbowl performance sparked a renewed interest in Missy. Now there is talk about J.Lo and Missy doing music. This would probably not be anytime soon because J.Lo just released an album. It could, however, be a great single for 2016 when J.Lo plans to headline in Vegas. Getting a hit song from Missy could help her sell even more tickets when she takes up residency there.