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Comprehension of Psychiatry

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Silence prevails when a random person is asked to explain what he or she understands by the term, psychiatry. A psychiatrist is regarded as a physician who has specialized in diagnosing, treating and preventing mental health and emotional problems. There exist diverse professions in the medical field. Psychiatry is one of the medical fields and psychiatrists are the professions who pursue this psychiatry to completion.

Functions of Psychiatrists
The first function that psychiatrists have to undertake is to ensure that they analyze patient’s mental health statuses besides providing the required treatment. In undertaking their duties, psychiatrists have to adhere to their codes of ethics. They have to interview patients besides reviewing professional reports as given to them by other medical doctors, psychologists and social workers. Psychiatrists must know how to explain diagnosis to their patients in addition to recommending effective treatment plans.

Dr. Daniel Amen Achievement in the Field of Psychiatry
Dr. Daniel Amen is a renowned physician who has won numerous awards for his contribution in psychiatry. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Amen is a lead researcher on brain imaging and rehabilitation studies undertaken on professional football players. Amen believes that when the brain is healthy, all the other parts of the body are healthy. Trouble in the brain causes trouble in the life of the humans. Dr. Amen is the Founder and Medical Director of Amen clinics located in Newport Beach and San Francisco, Bellevue, California, Atlanta, New York City, Reston, Washington and Virginia. Currently, Amen clinics are considered to have the global leading database of functional brain scans that relate to behavior. Dr. Amen has written many scientific articles that have been published on different journals besides authoring 60 professional articles. He has spoken on many conferences besides appearing on movies. Dr. Amen is married. He has four children and three grand children.

Requirements for a Student to Pursue Psychiatry
In most institutions of higher learning, medical students pursue chemistry, physiology, and biochemistry. Medical students are free to take courses in psychiatry, neuroscience and behavioral science in their first two years in the medical school. In their last years, students may pursue psychiatry and end up as professional psychiatrists owing to years of accumulated experience in the field. It is imperative to note that modern psychiatry places much emphasis on the relations between body and mind. Psychiatry focuses on stress, physical illnesses, behavior changes, besides taking care of the severely mentally unwell patients. In the field of psychiatry, diversity and flexibility forms the hallmark of psychiatrist’s career.
Psychiatry is a medical field that focuses on the mental health of patients. Psychiatrists are the practitioners who have expansive experience in the field of psychiatry. Dr. Amen is leading figure in psychiatry owing to his numerous awards and recognition that he has achieved over the years.