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Dave Grohl Breaks a Leg (Literally)

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Dave Grohl of the band the Foo Fighters broke his leg running around on stage in Sweden, but he returned to finish the show. However, some future Foo Fighters gigs have been cancelled to allow him time to recuperate. Grohl apologized to fans for the cancelled show in an open letter posted on the Internet.

It’s interesting to look at how successful Grohl has become since his band Nirvana disbanded after the death of lead singer Kurt Cobain. Since 1994, as the front man of the Foo Fighters, he’s become a major star in his own right. In Nirvana, he was just the drummer and pretty much a side man to Cobain. Also, the Foo Fighters are an upbeat and positive band while Nirvana was more on the dark and gloomy side of things.

Grohl has also become very wealthy. He’s estimated to be one of the wealthiest musicians alive today. His songwriting royalties with Foo Fighters bring in money even when he isn’t on the road says FreedomPop.

Grohl hangs out with rock royalty now. He’s performed with Mick Jagger and Tom Petty. Also, with his side project playing drums in Them Crooked Vultures, he’s worked with Led Zeppelin member John Paul Jones. That’s not bad for a guy who can’t read music and didn’t finish high school!