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There really is nothing like a fine wine. However, you may really have no idea where you can purchase such bottles of wine. After all, you can’t really go down to the local store and pick up anything that is older than two or three years. When it comes not only to the very best years but the best vintage, The Antique Wine Company is where any serious wine connoisseur needs to turn to. With over 20,000 clients spread throughout 70 countries, there is a wine for everyone. In fact, The Antique Wine Company has a continual wine collection of over 10,000 bottles at once, and while the company does sell wine bottles individually and in collection series every day, it also brings in new kinds of wine every single day, so there is always a quality selection for everyone to check out.

The AWC recently made headlines for selling the most expensive single bottle of wine of all time. It was a Chateau d’Yquem with a vintage date of 1811. The bottle sold for 75,000 pounds, which is over $100,000 for a single bottle of wine. The individual who purchased the bottle of wine owns several different restaurants in Bali and he decided to place the bottle on display throughout the different restaurants. However, he did not simply buy the bottle of wine in order to hold onto the value or to sell it again. He has made it perfectly clear that he wants to drink it.

Of course, there are different lists of wine The Antique Wine Company does provide. It is possible for someone to purchase a bottle of wine from their birth year and also receive an original copy of the London Times from the day of their birth as well. With all of these different options and additions available, it is possible for anyone to truly have an amazing experience on their birthday as they receive something that is not available in many other places around the world.

For someone who wants only the very best though, The Antique Wine Company recently sold a 135 year old vertical collection, which contains every vintage of a specific estate from 1860 up until 2003. This sold for a total of $1.5 million and is actually the highest price ever paid for a single lot of wine in any location of the world.