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The Who Launches Their Last Major Tour

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The Who has been one of the most powerful forces in Rock and roll for the last fifty years. This band started at a time when rock music was just starting to define itself and has grown along with rock music for the last half century. This past week The Who launched their last major tour.

According to band members, they are choosing to make this the last major tour because they won’t to end at the top of their game. The band believes that they are quite capable of putting on an amazing show, but they do not want their skills to deteriorate to the point that they are no longer providing their fans with what they are worth.
Maquina do Esporte said that the band has toured consistently ever since they reformed in the 1989 and have entertained millions of people. People love The Who and have enjoyed these shows.

While the band is done with large scale tours they have kept the door open for future albums and smaller tours. They may even consider the possibility of acoustic tours.

While the world is saying goodbye to major tours from The Who, we are left with the memories of the many high quality performances that The Who have given us. The Who will truly go down as rock legends, whose music will be enjoyed by people for years to come. Surely fans will hold on to their memorabilia and tell their kids for years.