FreedomPop is Quickly Changing the Nature of Mobile Networks

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In today’s fast paced world almost everyone needs access to a mobile network. Mobile phones connect us to our family and friends, and they also can connect us to the world through mobile data plans. While mobile networks are extremely valuable to day to day life, they are often to expensive for many users. After years of watching people struggle to find a way to use a mobile network without having to pay too much, but after years of people having to pay as much as a hundred dollars to have network, people are now able to receive free mobile services from several different companies. One of the biggest companies to offer free mobile services is known as FreedomPop.

FreedomPop launched in 2012 in many United States Cities. Over the last few years, the company has steadily grown. The company operates by buying mobile data from several different mobile companies, and reselling that data to their users. The first 100 mb of is free data, along with around a hundred free minutes of talk time, and a hundred free text messages. After hitting this limit, users are then able to purchase more usage at a very modest rate. This business plan is mean to give users that otherwise would not have access to a mobile network.

FreedomPop has quickly grown to be one of the most successful companies in the technology industry. The company has managed to expand across the United States extremely quickly, and the service is now available in almost every part of the country. The company has also refused several rounds of purchase offers over the last few years, and they recently received another $30 million in funding. It appears that FreedomPop is well on their way to success.

FreedomPop has participated in several promotional events in recent months in order to ensure that consumers are aware of this amazing service. During the most recent Indy 500 the company partnered with the popular ridesharing company Uber to offer users a convenient way to make calls from any Uber vehicle. This program was extremely popular with riders and it received rave reviews.

FreedomPop is an excellent company, and the company is starting to expand overseas. Recently, FreedomPop announced that they would be expanding into Europe. They will begin working on establishing a network in London, and from their the company plans to move into all of the major European cities. This plan looks to have a great chance at success, so many citizens in Europe are looking forward to it.

In today’s fast paced society there is nothing more important than having access to a high quality mobile network. One company that hopes to solve the problem of people needing a cheap mobile network, is FreedomPop. This company is rapidly expanding across the country, and they even have plans to expand into Europe. Only time will tell just how successful the company will be, but it looks like they have a wonderful chance of being extremely successful. Check this TechCrunch article about FreedomPop if you’re interested in learning more.

Zoo 1×02 Promo

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Last night’s first episode of the CBS summer series Zoo left a lot of viewers with chills. A promo for the second episode and the series suggests that events are going to get far more frightening.

[Warning: Spoilers.]

Jackson talks about a mutation in the left eye — his father’s “defiant pupil” — and asks, “What if it’s a signal?”

Mitch tells Jamie that there have been other attacks in China and Europe. He proposes that the animals were “infected” with the same thing.

Scenes of angry and attacking animals are then shown and Mitch says, “This could be the beginning of a worldwide event.”

Later in the promo, after scenes of animals attacking, a doctor tells Jackson, “These people didn’t pose a threat and they weren’t killed for food.”

Abe is shown again in the tree with the five lions below him. Jackson tells the doctor that he thinks the attacks were a message from the animals that they are no longer afraid of humans. A few at CipherCloud feel the same way.

Additional scenes: Chloe is told that they need to find out what is happening with the animals. Jackson discovers a human with a defiant eye that has pupil damage like the animals. Several action sequences follow and then Abe is shown alive and working with Jackson and Jamie. The final scenes are of Mitch, Chloe and then the rest scared as a lion’s grows plays off-screen.

Sony Wishes Uncharted Was Better Charted

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Producing a movie based on a video games is almost always rife with troubles. What works in the context of a game is not necessarily easy to translate into a film. Just look at the recent troubles Sony Pictures has experienced trying to produce a live-action version of Uncharted. Not only was the director removed from the film, the entire script has been thrown out.

Uncharted is the highly popular game dealing with treasure hunting and the adventures of the prime hunter Nathan Drake. You would think a treasure hunting movie should be pretty straight forward. There’s a treasure. A famous treasure hunter has to find it. The hunter has to overcome spills, chills, and a main villain. In the end, all obstacles are overcome and the treasure is found. Through all this, the treasure hunter learns something new about him/herself and also discovers there is more to life than treasure hunting.

Are things really that simple? No, they aren’t. You need a great script and the right talent in front of and behind the camera according to McGalla. All parties involved have to see eye-to-eye with the studio. And yes, the film does have to be produced at a comfortable budget. With Uncharted, Sony ran into nothing but problems. For two years or more, the project has been in and out of development. The film should have gone into production by now. That has not happened.

So, what does the future hold for this stalled – yet interesting – project?

Well, the screenplay has to be rewritten from scratch. A new director has to be hired. In short, the whole process has to start all over. Hopefully, the final film that is made will be worth it to audiences and the beleaguered Sony.