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Some of the Best Songs of 2015

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2015 has truly been a year of fantastic artist producing amazing songs and the year isn’t even over yet. Artist from all over the world have come out with outstanding masterpieces. Brad Reifler said that all genres of music are awesome, but there are a select amount of songs that really stand out.

First, there is the song “Radicalized” by Desparecidos is an extremely strong and mesmerizing record. This is a high energy as well as subtle song. This song proves to be a great song in 2015. Next, the song “Streets of Arklow” by Van Morrison and Mick Hucknall. Van Morrison is an Irish rock poet, and an amazing vocalist I could not think of anyone better to do a duet with than Mick Hucknall. Both artists coming together to make a song is a work of art in itself. Also, there is the song “Raising the Skate” by Speedy Ortiz. This song has a very 90’s sound to it that brings back the 90’s in as modern sound. Your text to link… It is a fantastic break up song, and sung by an amazing artist as well. Next, there is “Can’t Stop Thinking about You” by Tobias Jesso Jr. This soft rock song tells an heart warming story without any fancy vocals or instruments. Simply a boy playing his piano telling a heart stopping story about him and a girl who doesn’t fall for a word he speaks. This song by Tobias Jesso Jr. is truly a masterpiece.

Those songs and artist are only a few great achievements of 2015, and this year is only half way over. Who knows there may be more to come later on this year. All I know is the fantastic artists in this world are surely to deliver more new amazing sounding songs everyone will love!