Cam’ron to Release New Music

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Cam’ron is back and more new music is on the way. At least that is what he said. He has a new album that will be released this year, and he will round up old friends and new emcees for the continuation of “The Purple Haze.” The new album, “The Purple Haze 2,” picks up where Cam’ron left off.

It has been reported that this could be his last album. There are certainly signs that this could be true because he has been sick in previous years. He has also failed to release a lot of new material over the years. The combination of factors like this will probably cause him to retire from the rap game. PR Newswire had reported that it would be difficult to stay when his fan base has began to shrink so much over the years. He was part of the Diplomats when they were hot, but now things are different. The Roca-A-Fella label is gone. The Jay-Z and Dame Dash partnership is done.

More than a decade ago Cam’ron was on top with a struggling new talent in the background to supply the beats. This new talent was an artist by the name of Kanye West. Now Mr. West, along with Jay-Z, are big names in the industry. Cam’ron, by contrast, has a limited hip hop fan base. This will make it difficult for him to build himself back up again in entertainment.

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