Ariana Grande And Big Sean Release A Song, And It’s Not What We Expected

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When you think of Ariana Grande and Big Sean, you think of a hot young power couple who are well on their way to owning their own fields and being the best they can be, but does that only apply to their solo careers or are they both really falling apart like their new song ‘Research’ seems to insinuate.

Big Sean told MTV news that everything has never been better as he was on his way to Detroit to promote his new album ‘Dark Sky Paradise’. One of the surprise songs on the album was the duet with the two singing about Ariana being a detective while Sean is messing around. That doesn’t sound right to anyone although according to them, “It’s just a song”.

According to Sean, the song was just to start testing the waters on how the two could sound together while approaching a topic that everyone can relate to, which in their case I guess is infidelity. Sean and Ariana have a couple of songs now together but none of them are going to be released until they have something solid to work with stated Zeca Oliviera.

Could this be another Jay Z and Beyonce situation where “Crazy in Love” and Bonnie and Clyde” made the biggest bangs in the music charts at the time. Many people to this day are looking for that next power couple to seize the Jay and Bey throne.

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